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Listen to this audio portfolio composed, performed and recorded by Oliver Farrow & co. Featuring sound design, songs and electronic music for film + games.


Oliver Farrow and Roxanne Korda present… The Biscuit Song!

The Biscuit Song Poster

Watch the premiere of the ultimate musical film about the natural human love for biscuits. Get the kettle on, make sure the biscuits are handy and enjoy this cookie coaster! πŸͺ β˜•οΈ

sound design 🎢

A portfolio of sound design for film + games. Created using MIDI and virtual instruments within a DAW.

All music for 3AM Waitress composed, performed (except guitar, flute and female voice), mixed & mastered by Oliver Farrow.

Photographer: Chantal Guevara

A sound design showreel featuring Slot Machine games.
Haunted Orphanage: ‘Dormitory‘, ‘Foyer‘ and ‘Basement‘. For Global Game Jam 2021.
Waiting; (2019) Oliver Farrow was composer and sound designer. He worked with the artist Catherine Baker for a film about patients and families waiting with illness. Catherine’s project is ACE funded and along with filmmaker Chris Turner, Oliver provided specialist technical input. This primarily involves working with the sounds of diagnostic imaging sequences from clinical settings. How the sound can both elevate the experience of viewing the content and help to contextualize it was a significant part of his brief. Full 10 min version available upon request.
Duophonics; (2018) Devised/improvised concert directed by Oliver Farrow. The ensemble was made up of 7 instrumentalists on synthesiser, guitar, bass, sitar, violin, cello and drums. Approx. 30 people were involved in the project; studio technicians, designers, photographers, cinematographers.
 Twirligig (2017) Premiered at Flatpack Film Festival 2017 in Birmingham.

songs 🎡

(Work in progress) The Animalia series will be a song cycle where each song is an animal. This track is called Fossa about the Madagascan mammal. Oliver Farrow (composer, producer and instruments) Roxanne Korda (voice).
Goodbye Lin(Composer: Oliver Farrow Producer: Richard Kett)
Whoopee(Composer: Oliver Farrow Producer: Richard Kett)

Goodbye Lin and Whoopee involved Oliver Farrow (composer, keyboard), Richard Kett (producer and guitars) and Catherine Shrubshall (Clarinet).

electronic 🎧

“I often start the process without an intention of creating electronic music. Usually the piece is written for some acoustic instruments. Once a substantial amount of material is composed, I will use this as source material to compose electronic music with.”

Oli Farrow
Oli Β· Dragon Ride
oliver farrow Β· Verde

Formations EP performed by Roki & Roli (Oliver Farrow and Roxanne Korda) and artwork by Karina Cabanikova

Deep Architecture was featured on Howard Skempton’s mixtape, broadcasted on BBC Radio 3 Late Junction in 2016.

Arrangement One was featured on Radiophrenia Scotland in 2019

Oli Β· Horns On Ladypool Road

Horns on Ladypool Road; an extract from Micro-curations, an audio-visual performance & installation, commissioned by The GAP Arts Project in 2019